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Who we are

Protecting people and planet

Dynamic, nimble and effective, the Environmental Justice Foundation (EJF) is working to secure a world where natural habitats and environments can sustain, and be sustained by, the communities that depend upon them for their basic needs and livelihoods.

Securing lasting change for people and planet

At EJF’s core is a simple but powerful belief: we all depend on the natural environment for our livelihoods and well-being, and that environmental security is a basic human right.

For millions of people around the world, environmental degradation means hunger, poverty and vulnerability.

From the loss of natural forests to the destruction of our oceans and climate change, it is the most vulnerable, marginalised and disempowered communities that bear the brunt. Communities without a voice.

We’re working with, and for, those on the frontlines of environmental destruction to investigate, document and expose environmental and human rights abuses.

We take local fights to the very heart of governments and business across the world to secure lasting, global change in our four campaign areas.

A unique combination of filming & activism

Films and photographs can and do change the world. We use video, along with new technologies, to document threats to environmental security and human rights.

Producing hard-hitting reports and investigations we target decision makers and work to change laws and policies with a positive impact for people and planet.

By combining our investigations with bespoke training and community support we also help to build local capacity, give a voice to new environmental defenders and strengthen the global call for change.

With just 30 members of staff based in eight countries, EJF is able to deliver dynamic, impactful campaigns. Our work is targeted, direct and effective.

We’ve exposed state-sponsored forced child labour in Uzbekistan’s cotton fields; secured protection for unique coastal forests in Brazil; provided irrefutable evidence of pirate fishing in West Africa; uncovered the modern-day slavery propping up Thailand’s seafood sector; and gathered powerful first-hand testimonials from those living on the frontlines of climate change.

Turning local environmental fights global

Our dedicated team of researchers and campaigners works across the globe, in some of the world’s toughest and most remote countries to shine an international spotlight on the environmental and human rights abuses that too often go under the radar.

Founded by Steve Trent and Juliette Williams in the UK in 2000, EJF currently has 30 members of staff, with teams in Côte d'Ivoire, Germany, Ghana, Liberia, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand and the UK. Our programmes operate across the European Union, Asia and West Africa and as well as in the USA and at a global level.

The Environmental Justice Foundation Stichting´s (EJFS, CCI number 67896855) mission is to “Protect People and Planet”, with the same goals as EJF. EJFS’s address is Prinses Margrietplantsoen 33, WTC The Hague Business Center, third floor, 2595 AM, The Hague, the Netherlands. It can be contacted at or at +44 (0) 207 239 3310.

EJFS came into existence in January 2017. Up-to-date annual reports on its activities as well as annual accounts will be placed on this website.

The detailed objectives, policies and board composition of EJFS can be found on the panel on the right.

Our work is overseen by a UK Board of Trustees and supported by an Advisory Board and Patrons who help our team achieve its goals.

"When the idea of EJF was born, it was to protect the natural environment and the people and wildlife that depend upon it, directly linking environmental security, human rights and social need. By looking at environmental security through a human rights lens, we can mobilise wider concern, greater support and more action to achieve our goals."
Steve Trent

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